About Us

CLASSY NetRadio is an internet radio based in Surabaya, Indonesia, established in November 2018 by people with broadcasting and audio engineering background who enjoy listening to good quality music and good quality sound. We are targeting mature listeners, aimed at professionals in established social economic status.

CLASSY NetRadio has 24/7 playlist of all time favorites in crystal clear High Definition audio streams.

This is light years beyond any other kind of radio out there!

We start with our crystal clear PCM digital audio sources, mostly stored on our CD collections, converted to lossless wav audio files.

Then we process the audio with the Orban Optimod PCn 1600. We've super-tuned the Optimod to create our own signature sounds.

Finally, we encode and stream on the Internet using the StreamS Hi-Fi Legacy encoder for our Icecast streams.




Public Relation


Marketing Communication


Sound Engineer

Dimas Al Faridzi



Voice Talent

Argi Noor


Ads & Supports

We provide ad slots in the form of spot ads and website ads to build your business brand awareness.

If you love our station, you can support us through PayPal, debit, or credit cards. Click for details.


HiFi Audio Encoders

HiFi Radio

Audio Processing

AoIP Networking

Radio Partner

Creative Technology

Contact Us

CLASSY NetRadio c/o PT Celindo Mitra Prima
Intiland Tower V-Office Suites Level 3,
Jalan Panglima Sudirman 101-103,
Surabaya 60271, Indonesia.